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Samantha King, Model, Actress & Bondi Girl…Interview & Photos

Samantha King Interview

Coming off the beach onto Campbell Parade were surfers lining up outside the already full cafes for a caffeine fix. Another sunny Saturday where each and every cafe is packed with chatty locals and relaxed backpackers alike, getting a scrumptious start to another gorgeous day.

Pulling up a seat on the balcony of Bondi Social, we met with fresh face to Bondi, model and actress Samantha King. Chatting over a freshly squeezed orange juice, we caught up with Samantha to find out more about the talented beauty, discovered why she has swapped life in Melbourne for Bondi and what it is that she loves so much about Bondi life.


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  • What is the most pointless fact you know?

I know a few: I know honey never spoils, it never goes off. Someone found a mummy in tomb with some honey and they tried it to see if it was still edible and it was! Another one: owls are the only birds that can see the colour blue. And; a duck’s quack doesn’t echo.


  • Since moving from Melbourne, what has been your main highlight of moving to Sydney?

There are so many highlights. Living at Bondi Beach is definitely a highlight. The weather is a predictable answer since moving from Melbourne. I’ve loved meeting new people. And; learning to surf. I have always wanted to learn to surf properly. That has topped the list for me.


  • What do you enjoy most about your job?

I like the fact that everyday is different. I enjoy taking on a bit of role-play. Depending on the client or brief, I can sometime take on a different persona. I like the fact that every day is unpredictable.


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  • Any tips for anyone trying to get into the industry?

Persistence is the key. I’ve never given up. And, believe in yourself. Networking is also very important. Look after you mind, body and spirit, especially in this industry. Mind; you need to stay sane and grounded and not get a big head. Body; for obvious reasons. Spirit; passion for what you do is important.


  • As an actress and model, fitness must be important to you- How do you stay in such good shape?

I’ve been dancing all my life so I try to a casual class once a week. I love yoga; once or twice a week I do that. I’ve also got a personal trainer. I try fit in a beach run to Bronte and back at least once a week. I’ve just got into beach running and it’s pretty full on. I walk everywhere. I love being active outdoors. Surfing is great. I’m not that into just going to the gym, I prefer to have something interesting and fun to do, like stand up paddle boarding. It really works your core and it’s great if it’s a nice day. I haven’t worked out how to stand up in waves yet though.


  • Have you surfed in Bondi yet?

I haven’t gotten out as much as I’d like to. It’s a lot harder when you’re on your own. I think It’s more fun to go with someone. But I’m just making excuses! I grew up in a town with a river, so I’ve been water skiing and kneeboarding since I was little, and in the last few years, wake boarding, so I love doing anything in water! I’m motivated now to go out for a surf now! Maybe this afternoon…


Bondi Beach Samantha King

  • There are some great places in and around Bondi; where do you get your favourite food/drink?

Samantha: When I want a coffee, I go to Chapter One. They are such friendly people and they do the BEST coffee. It’s also a wine bar as well so if you want coffee, wine or cheese; and a good spot to people watch; go there! I really love breakfast at Bondi Massive. It used to be a bit smaller but they’ve made it bigger now. They do really good banana bread. Have you been to Brown Sugar? That’s really good for breakfast too, or brunch as it’s called around here (laughs). I really love the Gluten Free Veggie pizza at Bondi Pizza, too. They’re vegetarian pizza is so yummy. I can easily eat a whole one. Laurie’s Vegetarian on Bondi Road do the best vegetarian burgers. It allows you to be naughty but healthy.


  • When I go to the beach, I always bring sunscreen… what is your must have for a day of fun in the sun?

Just the usual things like water and sunnies. But if I’m on my own, headphones. I don’t usually like listening to other people’s chit-chat, although, sometimes it’s quite entertaining! Also, I always make sure I have some change for a Calippo! (‘Calippo’ in a funny accent)


  • What are you plans to stay warm for winter 2012?

I love cooking. In winter I always make lots of soups and stews and slow cooked roast dinners. I’m used to winter, growing up in Tassie, the cold doesn’t really phase me. I’m actually going to be heading to the snow this season to snowboard.

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  • What’s your favourite food and where do you find it in Bondi?

I love Gelato, and in Bondi, the best flavour I have found is Nutella! They make it at Pappa Gioviani, on Campbell Parade. So decadent!


  • On a weekend, where do you recommend to go for a drink or two?

The Bucket List at the Bondi Pavilion, that’s a great, fun place. I also like Hotel Bondi on Campbell Parade. On Bondi Road, there’s a great bar and restaurant called Rum Diaries. Also, the Flying Squirell is very good.


  • Sum Bondi up in three words.

Cruisey, Trendy and Healthy.



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