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Bondi Beach is not only one of the best beaches in Sydney but one of the best beaches in the world. With approximately 1km of golden sands, great surfing conditions and a very relaxed atmosphere, Bondi Beach Sydney never fails to attract visitors.

Bondi Beach Sydney Surfing

A popular surfing spot, Bondi Beach never fails to attract the world’s best surfers. A number of surfing competitions occur on the beach every year. This particular beach is perfect for all surfers; from beginner to professional.

The lifeguards of Bondi beach Sydney are international stars because of the hit show ‘Bondi Rescue’. The lifeguards of Bondi beach rescue about 5,000 rescues over the summer time, dealing with lost children, shark scares, and thieves on the beach. View some of our favorite Bondi Rescue episodes.

Bondi is one of beaches in Sydney that holds special events in the pavilion. These events can attract hundreds of weekend visitors. There’s always something for someone in Bondi. Check out the events in Bondi page.

With a large population of different cultures, it is just about possible to find great cuisine from anywhere around the world in Bondi Beach Australia. Find our reviews of the best places to eat in Bondi.

Bondi is such a beautiful place and is usually the star of photographs. Check out some of  the best Bondi beach photos.

Remember: always swim between the flags and enjoy Bondi Beach Australia.

Contributor: Dan Wheble.